FOR SALE A competitive wholesaler of furniture

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Retail sale of furniture
Location Estonia
Person count Full-time 4 persons
Adjusted revenue 745 000 EUR
Asking price 380 000 EUR
The main industry of the business is wholesale of furniture predominantly to schools, universities, daycares and offices in Estonia and wholesale of project furniture to construction companies and private persons. In principle, completed products are imported from Latvian partners of the business. The business has secured a competitive position on the furniture market and will continue to offer tailor-made furniture with high quality, fast delivery and affordable prices.
The deal does not include the leases or properties related to the business. Thus far, the locations of the business have been located in Tarto.
Extensive growth opportunities, as there are more inquiries than can be answered at the moment. The business plays the role of a “broker” and is not required to by goods och store them resulting in risk-free sales of products.

Asking price justification

In the future development of the business, creating new sales channels, which brings significant revenue, the seller estimates that an annual result of 300.000 euros can be achieved.

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