FOR SALE A rare package, a successful transport business and repair shop with a long history

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets, equipment, storage, real estate
Industry Transport companies, taxis
Location Finland
Person count Full-time 18 persons
Adjusted revenue 3 208 000 EUR
Asking price 2 264 000 EUR
Transport business 2.400.000 euros, in addition repair shop of heavy equipment 100.000 euros, property 2.400.000 euros
Transport business
The business has a history of over 60 years in the non-scheduled and contract traffic. The majority of the revenue is generated by contract transports carried out for over a decade already. The contracts concern different types of transport needs which guarantees continuity in case of different disruptions.
The business utilizes modern transport equipment which can be modified in accordance with the customer’s needs. The equipment consist of several distribution vehicles, semi-trailer and full trailer combinations. The equipment includes e.g. Euro6 class vehicles. There are over 30 containers in good condition and suitable for different purposes.
The business has 13 employees of which 10 are drivers. In addition, it utilizes subcontractors and temporary personnel if necessary. The personnel is skilled and committed to the business.
Repair shop for heavy equipment
The flexible and skilled personnel as well as the repair shop equipped with modern equipment guarantees a high usage rate of the vehicles. The repair shop has appropriate facilities with a clear height of 7.5 meters and facilities which can driven through. The modern and modifiable facilities enable expanding the repair shop to fit a significantly higher amount of equipment. The equipment of the repair shop includes e.g. a brake dynamometer, a shaker, a scale and full-size grease pits.
The property is located in an industrial area on its own 7.600 square lot. The yard area of around one hectare has been expertly asphalted. The total area of the property is 2.487 squares which is divided in to office and social premises and the hangar part of 2.079 squares. The utilized building material is concrete elements and the roof is bitumen. The heating system is district hot-water heating and the hangar facilities utilize air heating. The hangar consists of eight sections with a clear height of 7.5 meters, which can be driven through. The building and its surroundings are well taken care of, and the condition of the buildings is good.
Both businesses and the property are sold together or separately.

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Asking price justification

The asking price for the transport business is 2.200.000 euros. In addition the repair shop of heavy equipment for 100.000 euros and the property for 2.400.000 euros are sold separately or together. All together 4.700.000 euros in total.

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