FOR SALE Multi-brand vehicle repair shop operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Business information

Sale topic For sale business operations, business assets
Industry Vehicle repair shops
Location Greater Helsinki
Person count Full-time 5.5 persons
Adjusted revenue 510 000 EUR
Asking price 1 EUR
Sold based on offers
The company is a full-service car service and repair shop operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which professionally handles all car maintenance and repairs, regardless of age or brand. The company is ready to serve its customers in any vehicle-related problems. It expertly carries out, for example, periodic and annual maintenance, preparation for inspections and inspection appointments, exhaust gas measurements and installation of block heaters.
The company also carries out all kinds of work related to car electricity, such as fault code resets, electrical maintenance of headlights, installation of anti-theft alarms and reversing cameras, as well as electrical work on windows and central locking.
The company also carries out all maintenance and repairs of electric cars safely and professionally.
The goal is a customer-oriented service package where the customer receives the service they need reliably and professionally and is happy to continue doing business with the company later.

Asking price justification

The target price that is set for the item is based on the projected operating margin level.

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