FOR SALE A specialist in the asphalt and property industry in Southern Finland

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Real estate services
Location Southern Finland
Person count Full-time 10 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 300 000 EUR
Asking price 875 000 EUR
The business is a youthful growth business with a unique service. The business is simultaneously in several industries, which increases its competitive advantage and creates concrete added value for the customers. These industries include maintenance, asphalt and water insulation services.
The business is an innovative reformer and a pioneer in the industry with the goal of producing significant cost-benefits for its customers and a straightforward service. The business is always prepared to set high goals for its customers.
The business has stood out in the industry by investing especially much into developing and modernizing, such as:
– developing its business processes
– information systems developed to optimize the operation
– digital marketing channels
– building and strengthening the brand and communication
Additional competitive factors are:
– a dynamic team which can adapt to changes on the market
– the concept which services certain customers segments
– a modern approach to marketing in a traditional industry
– a reputation as a responsible business which produces good results
– being a small, agile and effective organization
– the effectively utilized equipment and thereby moderate maintenance costs
The business currently has a good reputation as a responsible and reliable business among housing associations and other customer segments.

Asking price justification

Growth opportunities in an industry with rising demand. The margin structure of the contracts. A functional concept which can be replicated in different areas. The business’ own information systems. Digital native management. Investments into digitality. A reputation as a reliable business. A strong economy and cash flow The business has acquired know-how from good practices, which will be transferred to the new owner. A light balance sheet structure. An opportunity to meet the growing demand by increasing the resources.

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