FOR SALE All shares of a business which builds underdrain and rainwater systems as well as other small earthworks

Business information

Sale topic For sale company
Industry Real estate services
Location Uusimaa
Person count Full-time 10 persons
Adjusted revenue 1 600 000 EUR
Asking price 1 100 000 EUR
The business builds underdrain and rainwater systems as well as other small earthworks. The products and services are underdrains and rainwater systems as well as related excavation and installations.
The contracts include services such as yard work, paving, necessary electrical work, asphalt removals and renewals as well as disassembly and assembly of fences and terraces obstructing excavation. In other terms, the business offers its customers turnkey underdrain and rainwater systems in collaboration with its network of subcontractors.
The business’ area of activity is Uusimaa, but it has also been active in other large cities in Finland. The business has developed and grown rapidly and the profit has increased along with the growth.
The future of the business is expected to be a period of significant growth and to secure this the business is currently taking steps.
The business is financially sound and it has good references.
The customers see the business as a safe choice. The good reputation can be characterized as the driving force of the business’ success and growth.
The current owners have limited resources to utilize the rapid prospective growth of the business and their view is that the following leaps of growth require greater resources than currently available and a different ownership arrangement.

Asking price justification

A good reputation as well as a strong economy and cashflow. Over the years, the business has acquired know-how which will be transferred to the new owner. Good and reasonably priced subcontractors. A light cost structure which is easy to modify in accordance with the contracts. An efficient and sustainably built marketing. The demand for the services the business offers is growing. An opportunity to meet the growing demand by organizing the production and by increasing the resources. The five-year goal of the business is a revenue of 6.000.000 euros.

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