FOR SALE A workwear manufacturer which offers workwear rentals

Business information

Sale topic For sale company, business premises
Industry Laundries
Location Any location
Person count Full-time 6 persons
Adjusted revenue 775 000 EUR
Asking price 500 000 EUR
The price includes business operations, the property and a solar energy park
The business manufactures workwear for large industrial businesses in Estonia and the largest workwear manufacturers and retailers in Finland.
A full workwear rental service is available for large manufacture businesses in Estonia.
The workwear rental service includes a complete wash, repair and delivery service which covers the whole life cycle of the textiles from acquisition to disposal.
The general state of the business is good: 1. The business has an extensive stock of materials and completed products. 2. Sufficient financial resources. 3. Recently acquired new equipment and metal lockers for the purposes of the workwear rental service. 4. An established customer base and contracts guarantee a monthly revenue. 5. Loyal and experienced employees. 6. Sufficient production facilities with a 50 kW solar power plant.
A 70% share of the business’ revenue is generated from exports.

Asking price justification

The asking price is based on substance value.

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